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Navigating into a VUCA or BANI world

New ways of thinking to leverage technology in the changing landscape is needed. Now, more than ever, a new sense of purpose in the use of technology in education is needed to tackle these new challenges. Offering greater levels of flexibility and adaptability, personalization, and innovation would be our next steps as we leap forward into the next possible.

TECHNOLOGY for Purposive Human Education

  • Visioning for Edtech Leaders
  • Understanding Current Technologies for Education
  • Educational leadership in technology use
  • Innovative technologies in education
  • Envisioning dynamic new digital strategies
  • Modern physical and digital learning spaces to foster creativity and collaboration
  • Utilizing subject-specific technology develop agency
  • Adopting new technologies to keep pace with the changing research landscape

TRANSFORMATION for Educational Breakthroughs

  • Transforming learning environments and facilities to develop future-ready schools
  • Clarifying inclusive experience and well-being as a priority
  • Positive learning environments
  • Student agency and engagement
  • Student formation
  • Students and teacher well-being
  • Ensuring greater flexibility in learning environments through universal design for learning
  • Inclusivity in policy and practices and changing mindsets

TIME for Sustainable Actions

  • Agility and skill development
  • Helping students to develop essential skills for the future, including digital capabilities and collaborative working
  • Redesigning the learning experience
  • Cultivating creative thinking
  • Sustainable upskilling for teachers to drive pedagogical knowledge